Anyone playing in online casinos for a while is not new to BiamoBet casino. But quite recently, their very own affiliate program, the Biamo Partners, have gained popularity in a very short time due to their special features, payout procedure, and a couple of other reasons that benefit the users.

Any aspiring or running a business in the affiliate program must check out Biamo Partners before exploring other options. The way they have curated their system to provide the best service to their users is commendable.

So, let’s take a quick glimpse at the features that have made Biamo Partners stand out from the rest.

Commission Details

The exact commission amount is not mentioned on the website, but it totally depends on the performance. That is the more players the affiliates can send to casinos, the more commission you are likely to get. But you can definitely choose your partnership model with Biamo Partners, i.e. CPA, revenue sharing or Hybrid models.

And if you have an impressive webmaster’s audience with huge casino/sports traffic, you can talk about lifetime commission deals with the program’s team!

However, affiliates will be charged admin fees for this program. But with just a small admin fee you can join the program and earn more money!

Easy Sign-Up Procedure

First things first, the signup procedure for Biamo Partners is really simple. Visit the Biamo Partners Affiliate Programs website and hit the “Join Us” button and you will be taken to a form that will have all the signup details.

After providing all personal data agree with the terms and conditions and hit the signup button. Lastly, click on the link that has been sent by Biamo Partners to your email and activate your Biamo Partners account.

Customer Support

The customer support of Biamo Partners is really efficient and up to the mark. They have a 24/7 active customer service system that responds almost immediately to all the queries the customers have regarding any issue.

The super effective customer support ensures all the doubts of the players are cleared and there is no room left for any sort of confusion. Customers can reach the Biamo Partner Customer Service through phone or email.

Payment Procedure

Next up, we have the payment procedure offered by the Biamo Partners Affiliate Program. It offers a few options to receive payments. However, to receive the payment one must provide the correct bank credentials and specify the bank details by going to the account settings.

It accepts payment through cryptocurrencies, traditional wire transfers, and capitalist methods. So, you can choose whatever method is convenient for you for receiving the payment.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the Biamo Partners is well organized, making it very easy to look for any information. There is a separate section for brands, commissions, news, FAQs, terms and Conditions, and influencers.

Customer Service

You can contact them via phone or email and clear any confusion or doubts through their active customer service. You can seek help regarding any issue you face that includes you facing any trouble receiving payments or tracking them.

Software Details

The software used by Biamo Partners can be used to track the commissions. Affiliates can also see the amount for each player they are receiving.

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